I worked in sales promotion and marketing agencies in London before moving to Hong Kong where I found a market for copywriting, photography and traditional press. Extensive travel around Asia and a subsequent contract in California added travel features to the editorial pot.

Moving back to the UK I found freelance work in all of the above, then seized the opportunity of an editorial role at Trinity Mirror which gave me a solid grounding in traditional journalism. I loved the buzz of the news room, the manic deadlines and representing the newspapers on BBC radio. Five years as a sub-editor/senior features writer with Trinity Mirror's newspapers gave me valuable experience in turning copy round quickly and accurately, while keeping good humour and working as part of a team. Those disciplines have stayed with me.


Working as a freelance once again, I am creating combinations of words and images for a variety of clients. Diversity being the spice of life, I am ready to tackle any project that needs well crafted copy and, where desired, captivating images. 

It's all part of the package.